Hello, I am Wing

I design and build website that people love.

You can ask me about blockchain stuff too.

Why work with me?

Some people find it hard to convey their idea to techies.

And some techies find it hard to manage the expectations and deliverables for their clients.

My past experience of being an educator, sports coach, fitness instructor, project coordinator and web developer makes me a perfect bridge to speak to people in the team in the language they are comfortable in. Most importantly, I'm here to ensure the quality and timeliness of your project and its' deliverables.


A tech evangelist and project manager for a blockchain company, Katalyst

Web development

Complete web solutions for your needs & target audience

Process/ Technologies

Building accountability and confidence with implementation of each phase

Design thinking

Understand the user, identify the problem and find desirable solutions

Prototyping/ Design refining

Wireframes, mockups, plan, analyze, prototype, design

Service/ Product deliverables

Wordpress development, front-end development and blockchain-related services

Code. Educate. Empower.