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My past work

Code. Educate. Empower.

5 minutes guide to styled-components for modular components

Handle data heavy application development on frontend

Build your personal brand as a developer

How to turn your cover letter from zero to hero

5 difficult things about being a self-taught developer

2018: Summing up the geeky adventures of Wing

3 ways to figure how much your services are worth

Stop burn out and figure out the value you are bringing to the organisation you are working for.

[Event] Global Tech Companies Unite to Share DevRel Best Practices in Singapore

Ignite conversations on developers wants and needs with investors, companies and communities worldwide.

Becoming a self-taught developer (part 2): The lights go off

The vicissitudes of Wing as she transit from the sports/training industry the technology industry.

Becoming a self-taught developer (part 1): The girl called Wing

In the tiny red dot, on 13 Sept 1990, an idealistic girl, called Hui Ying, was born.

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