Hello. I am Wing.

I love stories

Upon graduation, I set off for a 6 months working holiday in New Zealand, in hope to find the meaning of life. Being young and hopeful, I want to find out how I could make the world a better place. After almost a decade of experience from working in the zoo, performing as a belly dancer, working as soft-skills trainer and sports coach, to a start-up founder, I discover that what I want to do is to be involved in the tech industry. Hence, the journey towards becoming a self-taught developer begin.
Within 2 year of setting my goals, I landed my first paying web-development client, helped non-profits to establish their event websites, spoke at a few places and got a job in a blockchain company.
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Life as a technologist

The journey towards being a self-taught web developer turn project manager/ web developer hasn't always been smooth. Self-doubt and lack of guidance could quickly discouraged people from the path. So I decide to share my story, one code and one talk at a time.