Over the weekend, I obsessively watch the RuPaul drag’s race where beautiful drag queens compete with each other. It’s a florid display of friendship, insults, honesty and sisterhood. What strikes me most is the amazing spark that they hold for their dream and passion regardless of how society view them.

Here are 5 things that impacted me from these beautiful drag queens.

5. If you don’t love yourself, who is going to love you?

Have you ever been with toxic people, who is full of condescending or negative thoughts. Their persistent negative energy could pull down an organisation or community. To me it might trickle down to the fact that there just couldn’t be enough self-love. If you are to love yourself in a healthy manner and you feel that love is in abundance, will you choose to project negativity towards the people and environment around you?

4. Some dreams are not meant for you, and it is okay

In the new age talk, people love to talk about how you should be following your dreams and pursuing your passion. In the show, each and every queen is amazing in her own rights but some simple shine more than the other. In the season that I watch, there is one drag queen who admits that this will be her last shot in fulfilling her dreams. It is okay to admit that some dreams are just harder than others. And because of that, it is also okay and maybe even a necessity to set a time limit to your dreams.

3. Life usually gives you a second chance

Having said that, life does not always deal you a harsh hand. Right before the elimination, the bottom two queens of each race are given a change to redeem themselves through a lip sync competition. In life, we make mistakes and the results might not always turn out favorable for us. However, being in that position doesn’t mean that everything will end for us. Instead we should evaluate our choices and give it another shot if we deem fit.

2. Sometimes, life is about fulfilling someone else dreams

Usually when the bottom two has to compete it out in a lip sync competition, you can be sure that they will be going all out to make sure they are not the one that is going to be eliminated. In the Youtube version, the girls will flip, back bends, sashay and show their most energetic and entertaining moves. However, in one episode, it is apparent that one of the queens has given up the drive to fight as she simply stood there lip-syncing in a composed manner. Sometimes, life is about fighting it out, sometimes it is about letting go. And maybe, in those moments of letting go is driven by the motivation to contribute to the success of another person.

1. At the end of the day, life is a journey of our choices

Even though many of us, who are reaching 30, have encountered a number of obstacles and judgement, we will most likely never be able to comprehend what the queens have to go through. Hearing the personal stories of the drag queens make me realise that regardless of how people view us, ultimately, our life is a journey of our own choices. Along the way, there will be people, who have varying opinions, and some of them can’t resist shoving their opinions up your nose. However at the end of the day, it is not them who will be living your life. What matters are the choices that we choose to take consciously.