Weight lifting saves my life. It is not merely about what happen in the gym. It is also about the transformation that occurs in my life. Besides looking better, I gain confidence, become more focus and achieve more in my life.

Weight lifting has that power. Here are 11 ways that weight lifting changes your life.

11. You’ll look great

Lifting weights help you to get lean and toned. You get the healthy shape you are looking for. Cardio might slim you down but you will never achieve that athletic look without implementing resistance training in your life. Ladies, do not worry about getting bulky, it takes a specific hypertrophy program and nutritional plan to gain mass.

10. Get stronger mentally

As you get stronger physically, you will get stronger mentally. Often times, weight lifting requires you to persevere and push yourself to overcome the mental barriers and physical discomfort. It is about moving out of your comfort zone into your uncomfortable zone. If you repeat this simple act for enough time, you will expand your comfort zone. And that is how success happens.

9. Prevent osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a thinning of bone when the formation of new bone is slower than the depletion of bone. Therefore, the bones become brittle and are more prone to fracture. Weight lifting over a period of time can prevent bone loss and even increase bone density.

8. Improve balance

Our core is the key to maintaining our balance. You need to activate your core during weight lifting, especially single leg exercises or asymmetrical exercises, to maintain your balance and posture. Through weight lifting, you get stronger in your core muscles and improve your balance.

7. Lose fats

Weight lifting maintains/builds muscles, increases resting metabolic rate and improves insulin resistance, which are important factors in fat loss. When you only use cardio to manage your weight, you tend to lose fats and muscles, which will decrease your metabolism rate. However, if you add resistance training, and maintain or build muscles, you turn your body to a calories furnace.

6. Better posture

Due to our sedentary lifestyle, we might be facing muscular imbalances, such as weak back and tight hip flexors. Poor posture could possibly cause negative effects, such as back pain and lower confidence. With weight training, you could strengthen the weaker muscles and improve your posture.

5. Boost self-esteem

If you just begin to lift weights, you will notice that you are often setting personal record: lifting heavier weights, improving coordination and lifting more reps. This constant feedback of improvement will make you feel good about yourself and help to improve your self-esteem.

4. Increase focus

When you lift weights, you will have to focus on your breathing, posture and muscular contraction. Lifting weight with focus on the correct form will translate into increase in concentration on other aspects of your life.

3. Become happy

If there is a happy pill, exercise is it! Yes, physical exercise lifts your mood and makes you happy. Weight lifting will work wonder for your mental health.

2. Perform better in other sports

Weight lifting improves muscular strength, endurance and coordination. It also helps to prevent sports injuries. If you are already involve in other kind of sports, lifting weights will help you to perform better.

1. Inspire others

People will notice your changes, be it your body, energy level, productivity or confidence level. They will ask you about your secret. This is your chance to make a difference to others by sharing the benefits of weight lifting.