Which is more precious? Time or health?

Often, I hear people they do not have time to manage their health.

The irony is, in the long run, the lack of health maintenance will cost them more time.

Why do we have to choose between the two? Why do the both of them have to be mutually exclusive?

I use to believe that if I miss one day of training, I will deteriorate. I use to practice yoga for 1 hour and dance for 1 hour. That’s not counting the time I have to travel to dance classes and watch dance videos. On top of that, I have to prepare my breakfast and lunch.

If chronic obsession with dance is a thing, I have it.

No wonder other aspects of my life are not going anywhere for me. Now, I exercise an hour a day, 3-5 days a week, and I feel much fitter, stronger and healthier. Some days, when things get hectic, I do 10 minutes body weight workout.

I am in better balance.

I am managing my time optimally. I know how to train smarter. I understand my priorities.

In fact, I realize exercise comes after non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) in the aspects of health.  NEAT is the calories expended outside of eating, exercising and sleeping. Basically becoming less sedentary, i.e. sitting less, should be looked into before contemplating about hitting the gym for an hour.

Don’t be another me.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that more always equals to better.

Steady state cardio workouts that last for more than 45 minutes have their own unique benefits. You can continue this form of exercise if you enjoy it. However, if you are someone like me, looking to slot in short bursts of workout in a time crammed lifestyle, here is a workout program that is just going to take you 10 minutes.

10 minutes body weight workout

Get your interval timer ready. The magic of short workout is in the burst of energy. It will only work if you push yourself to more than 70% of your effort.

–If you are new to circuit training, you want to work in 30s and rest for 30s. (Or feel free to go into any intervals that are more suitable for you.) If you are familiar with circuit training, we are not going to take any rest. You are going to run through these 10 exercises in 1 minute interval each.–


From standing position, squat down and place both of your palms firmly on the floor. From this position either hop or walk back into a plank position. From the plank position, again, either hop or walk back into a squatting position. Explode into a jump or just stand and rise onto the balls of your feet.


Make sure your feet are firmly grounded and aligned with your knee. Tighten your glutes muscles (butt). Hinge from your hips. Lead your squat with your glutes. Imagine that you are sitting down on a chair behind you. If you are fit, add an explosive hop when coming out from your squat position.

High knees

Have your hands in front of you at hips level. Lift your knees such that your knees touch your palms. Make sure you are not rounding your back in this exercise. Go as fast as you can.

Rear lunges

Take your right foot back and go into a lunge position. Step back into lunge position. Alternate the feet that step back each time. If you feel that you could do more, switch legs with a hop.

Side plank with left arm on floor

Engage your core and hold yourself up in a side plank position. If you feel strong, straighten your right arm, such that your arms and body form a t shape.


From a standing position, bend forward such that your palms are down on the floor. Walk your hands out to a pushup position while keeping your legs straight. Walk your hands back towards your legs and straighten your body.

Side plank with right arm on floor

This is to balance out the previous side plank.

Glute bridge

Lie supine with knees bend. Contract your glutes and lift into a bridge position, making sure not to compress your lower back. Lower yourself down without allowing your glutes to touch the floor. And lift.

Lateral crawl

Start in a pushup position with your core tight. Cross your right arm over your left arm and move towards the left, coordinating the leg movements with the hands movement. Move 5 times to the left. And repeat on the right side.

Elbow plank

Have your elbows on the floor. Tighten all your muscles and go into a plank pose.

And you just finish a 10 minutes workout. If you still feel like going, repeat this round.