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Hello. I am Wing.

I'm a people person who happen to be good with technology. I help kids build characters, achieving a holistic development through positive discipline methods. In my previous career, my work involves empowering adults to achieve their health/fitness goals.

In a nutshell, my work is always about bringing people together to a positive place. I used to run my own startup which craft events to help brands to engage with their audience. Through events, I am exposed to the wonderful world of technology and its potential.

I can't stop marvelling at the advancement and work of technology. In fact, I believe technology has made many people more knowledgable and resourceful. That is definitely the case for me.

It all started as a hobby. But right now, I'm immersing fully on this beautiful synthesis of science and art: web development. View my past projects.

Want to know more about working together? Speak to me today at [email protected] or simply fill up the form below.