The advent of 30: Preparing my war chest

Being a millionaire. Is that what you work towards as well?

The big 3. I love the journey so far. But every once in a while, life wears me down a little, in which nothing much could excite me. I still have life goals and milestone that I wish to hit but it is not with the same amount of gusto that I experience when I am in my twenties.

In the twenties, I have dreams about changing the world. I have hopes of living the fullest of my life. Yes. I have dreams. But looking back, I was just a dreamer. There is nothing but weak pathways to my dreams.

It is a period of idealism and exploration.

It is me experimenting with defying the system.

It is me, thinking that enough is just enough.

I am living with bare minimum wage, scraping by with 1-3k a month. Though, sometimes my income did somehow propel towards close to 5k. But that was a treat more than a common theme in my life. But one thing I have was freedom as I am a freelancer.

Strange, how much things could change even if it seems as if the motion of time put you in a repetition of daily events.

Fast forward, I'm in my 30s, with a stable career and a potential trajectory towards new height. I'm back to school, playing the system a little, but playing within the boundary of the system.

I have a goal. I want to be a millionaire. Maybe by the age of 60. Or optimistically, by 50.

I don't believe in getting rich through owning HDB because I'm single. And most people never translate their HDB into cash. Or, they don't rent out their rooms for passive income. For the majority, I believe HDB is more of a liability than an asset. I'm risk-averse in this sense, as this connotates that a large proportion of wealth is placed into real estate. I prefer to have more liquid assets

A million is doable by Singapore living standards. Yes, the cost of living is high and having children are the destruction of wealth. Before you want to correct me, if you treat your children as your investment for your retirement, you have already lost me in the debate. Have children because you love the joy of bringing them up and educating them into fine adults. Not because they will be your safety net in future.

My brother recently sends me an article from Seedly, Saving Your First $1 Million. How Much You Need Per Month To Be A Millionaire in 5, 10, 20, 30 years? Numbers never lie. If I am starting with zero savings, with a targetted timeframe of 20 years, I can become a millionaire by saving $2,632.89 per month with a 5% interest rates.

Also, a nice person on Tinder recommends A Singaporean Stocks Investor (ASSI) blog. Yes, my dear readers, it's me trying hard on Tinder not to sound like a scammer when soliciting financial advice. The blog is about capitalizing on CPF, SA/OA, stocks investing and wealth building.

I am late to the game. But 30 is still a prime age to begin the snowball of wealth. I have a good number of working years ahead of me and still some energy to diversify my income streams.

To date, not including the interest, I earn on my CPF, I'm probably having about only three to four hundred a year in terms of my passive income. For starters, it is better than nothing.

I'm declaring the start of building my war chest. I'm chronicling my journey, mistakes and lesson learned. What about you?

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