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13 Feb 2018

A discourse on natural selection

Musings Technology

Computing the cycle of love - For the unromantics

12 Nov 2017

Are we preparing our children for the future? 4 major takeaways from EduTECHAsia conference


The future is developing quickly. More than ever before, we need to ask ourselves if our education system will be sufficient in providing the necessary resources to ensure future success in our children.

21 Oct 2017

7 ways to defeat the imposter syndrome


Stop sabotaging yourself and live the life you deserve

02 Aug 2017

This blog is now on Jekyll


Shift my blog from Wordpress to Jekyll. Here is why I am never looking back.

26 Mar 2017

A letter to myself in my early 20s. What will yours look like?


Do you take the time to reflect on your life?

26 Mar 2016

How weight lifting saves my life


It is the exhilaration that I feel when I lift 40kg off the floor. It’s the feeling that I got when I lift more than I did previously.

05 Dec 2015

A Motivational Read for 25-Year-Old


Maybe you still do not have your life together. But you get a glimpse to the social issues: economic crisis, inequality, prejudices and political unrest. You remember saying that you are going to change the world and make the world a better place.

29 Nov 2015

An important life lesson from 1 burn, 2 fractured bones and 3 lacerations


I am lying on the bed of the 3rd hospital they send me to. Local anesthesia is injected around my wounds. At 12.08pm, I am in stitches and bandages.

05 Oct 2015

Let go and be free


It is not uncommon for us to accumulate. Papers, ranks, money, items, memories, tears, smiles, joys and separations.

30 Aug 2015

5 reasons being mindful makes you better at work


Can mindfulness work for you? Have you ever find yourself contemplating about learning to become mindful? Or are you still on the fence, waiting for more research papers to be published and more people to practice mindfulness before considering being part of the mindful group? Or are you simply wondering what the term mindfulness is?

02 Aug 2015

30 seconds ninja mindfulness technique to apply at your workplace


When the term meditation comes into mind, some people will still conjure up images of people sitting in lotus position, hands in some kind of mudra, sitting motionlessly on a cushion.

05 Apr 2015

5 yoga techniques to manage your stress in 5 minutes: Part 2


Manage your stress through breathing and mindfulness techniques

24 Mar 2015

5 yoga techniques to manage your stress in 5 minutes: Part 1


Manage your stress through mindful movements

06 Sep 2014

In death we will be one


Each and every day, every morning, we live a little more, and yet we also die a little bit more. But then again, when we die, we never exactly die, as in completely cease to exist. We go back to the earth, we break down, and become part of the earth, part of the river and part of the atmosphere.

16 Aug 2014

Miss Au Naturel


In the outback, there is this girl, who wears shirt and yoga pants, and sometimes her jogging shorts. Sports bra beneath, nothing fancy with those pinkish, lacey, stringy and tiny intimate.

13 Jun 2014

I'm found, lost, fine. Diary of a jobseeker.


Today, I lie on my bed, still broken but open. Open to the truth, open to the fortunes that I have, open to the opportunities that have been bestowed again and again, almost miraculously. And things start to make sense.

01 May 2014

Freeing the boundaries with outdoor yoga


Sun. Green. Birds. Breeze. Yoga.

20 Apr 2014

Yoga: Not beyond the material


Just for a moment, close your eyes and tune in to your body. Inhale, feel your chest rising and your body opening up. Exhale, pull your belly in and up and feel your body closing in. Feel the subtle movement: the extension and the relaxation of your spine.

06 Apr 2014

What yoga teacher training means to me


Words like that flitted around the room holding the open-ended queries of the future. But the only thing we were sure of at that time was that we would bid each other goodbye, each with their unique experience of transformation.

26 Mar 2014

A love letter to all my naysayers


I know better now that it is better for me to remain as my own strongest pillar of support. There are times when I look back into my life, and am both amazed and discouraged by it. So I learn that all will be well if I focus on the present, to do what I could to live this moment to the best.

17 Mar 2014

I'm a broke, ohm-chanting and time-altering dragon


I am biologically twenty four, spiritually nutcase, monetary broke, but at least physically and mentally, I feel at my best.

26 Feb 2014

Lets be an artist now


We spend much of our childhood imagining that we are captains sailing the ferocious sea, the jungle explorers stumbling on the next miracle herb for mankind, or even the sages working to solve the puzzle of the grand web of life.

31 Jan 2014

If you love a man who travels


He has lots of stories to share, from hitchiking across America to staying with the villagers in Uzbekistan. He could speak in the same sentence of poverty of the world and the villagers' contentment despite the abject living conditions. He might tell you that the world is corrupted but encourages to do your very best for the world. But whatever he say, he say it with passion, even if it is also with contradiction.

09 Jan 2014

Of a New Year to Come


2013, the number I breeze and end with tears, smiles and love abound. A new year of thrill, or would it be just days that pass by? Could I say that I would do what I need to do and that I would finally get it right?

30 Nov 2013

Just another post about life purpose. Or is it?


Have you ever feel like life overwhelm you? Have you ever feel like you just need to stop doing whatever you profess to love and let your life pans out freely?

04 May 2013

I wander from the 26th storey


I am high above the people on the streets; they look just like ants marching on the street. And cars, they form a long strand of disconnected metal capsules that sprawl on the highway with an almost equal distance in between.

04 May 2013

The truth about dream chasers


This is to the ones who is different. This is to the ones who has been ridiculed by others for following “stupid” dreams. This is to the one who believes in justice. This is to the one who is being chided for indulging in life’s fantasy.

27 Apr 2013

The paradox of freedom


True freedom is about liberaton. And liberation comes from discipline.