It is not uncommon for us to accumulate. Papers, ranks, money, items, memories, tears, smiles, joys and separations.

We come to this earth, they say to love. While some say that we are here to clear our sins. There are others who never really give a damn.

It’s a mystery still, this dance of life. A cowardice. An act. Or maybe a pretense. If we all live the life only the way we think it ought to be.

To fit in the narrow hole, as if we are all Alices, meant to jump in the rabbit hole, leading to a long slide down to our wonderland.

“Off with his head.” Should one err on things too swift. Perhaps so, we keep toeing and running, and we keep keeping up on time, only to run out over and over.

Things that should be. Don’t deviate. Don’t ruffle. Don’t think. Then maybe, we’ll be granted safety and security.

“It’s very easy to take more than nothing.” Where do we begin and where do things end?

“Who in the world am I?” The greatest puzzle in the world.

We could go on and on, without knowing where to head. But it takes us, within us to realize we are all different and we still are very much our muchness, muchier than much.

We could learn to breathe, and go along with these madness, remaining curiouser. Learn to let go of our non-sense to make sense.

To breathe, let go and be here now.

Now: the only thing that the watch will say.

And that, could have set us all free.