Have you met a man who travels?

He could be tall, short, slim, plump, brown eyes, blue eyes, black hair, blonde, tan, pale, asian, caucasian and african. The point is he could be anybody of any age and of any race. But you know a man who travels when you meet one. No, not that they all have the same personalities, some of them would take longer than others to open up, while some instantaneously feel like old pals.

But you would know one because he goes along with the constant flow of life, as if he is a manta ray gliding in the ocean.

He has lots of stories to share, from hitchiking across America to staying with the villagers in Uzbekistan. He could speak in the same sentence of poverty of the world and the villagers’ contentment despite the abject living conditions. He might tell you that the world is corrupted but encourages to do your very best for the world. But whatever he say, he say it with passion, even if it is also with contradiction.

You might be lucky to meet him at the funny moment of his life, whereby he is staying for a while in a country. By a while, I mean anything ranging from months to years. You might get to know him a little bit better. Maybe you would become close friends with him and inevitably fall in love with his quirkiness. It might be destined for him to fall in love with your special way of being too.

There is no match make in heaven and no soul mates meant to be if you never wish to let go of the comfort of singlehood and take the risk to plunge into his world.

He may not be there for long.

Maybe for a year or so, if you are lucky.

You could be spending more time counting months of absence than actually being with him. You might be devastated that he decides to leave one day to settle somewhere else. And ecstatic to know that he is back again. You deliriously schedule all of your life events around him whenever he is here because you know he is unpredictable and you never know if he would be here for long.

To be honest, you couldn’t quite decide if you love or hate his unpredictability.

Perhaps, such is the beauty of this connection, a beauty that nobody else could comprehend. They all warn you against such a relationship, didn’t they?

But both of you make a cute couple and things have been going better than fine. His sense of freedom begins to rub a little onto you, and you too learn to appreciate more of living with the flow. You begin to perceive the world differently, it becomes a world of hope and possibilities.

It could be the beginning of the best of your life.

He knows that nobody really knows what is going to happen and the most we could do is to be grateful of today and make the most out of it. He reminds you to fall deeply in love with the world, that the world is not just about a nine to five. There are forests to explore, rivers to sail, oceans to dive, mountains to climb and most importantly, people to connect to. He knows that every small action might account to something bigger and that everyone could make a difference to the world, changing the world to be a better place for all to live in.

And all this wouldn’t happen if you do not allow yourself to get lost in his gaze.

Look into his eyes and see for yourself how they speak of an exotic-ness of the countries he has visited. Sometimes, it is a steady fiery gaze that tells you the scars of his fights and triumph of his battles. While other times, you could never really tell anyway.

If you ever fall in love with such a man, learn to appreciate all his nuances.

His need for some alone time and his vulnerability in living in the unknown. He might have wounds that he never wishes to share and he appreciates that you never pry.

This could be the love of your life.

Even if time might not be on your side.

If he decides to stay, all would be good for both of you. But one day, he might leave, to continue his adventures and perhaps to tell his stories to another girl. Maybe he holds her hands in the deep of the night under the stars on the beach, telling her how beautiful she really is, just like how he does with you. Maybe this could be an illusion for her and perhaps for him too. But how the story would unfold could never be precisely pinpointed unlike what all the fortune tellers hope you to believe in.

It might come a time when you just have to let him go.

But take heart that some lovers, no matter how far away, are never apart.

Maybe he picks up some of your habits or maybe he starts talking like you. You might just appear in his mind in the most unexpected time and you might even receive an email or message from him in the middle of the night.

No matter what happens, love him for who he truly is. Because no matter where he is, he will live with a piece of memory of you, just as he lives in you too.

And this is the way you love a man who travels.