2013, the number I breeze and end with tears, smiles and love abound. A new year of thrill, or would it be just days that pass by? Could I say that I would do what I need to do and that I would finally get it right?

For years, I search and discover, only to get lost, time after time.

Those were the days, I feel right and wrong, and know that I’m a clue no where near.

Could this be the way life is?

But the lady boss with rich assets, of money to last generations to come, though being a barren wife, says “Man is mistaken to think they have free will. So all they do is give excuses of searching and searching for a long time they do. So wrong they have lived. Young people are getting stupid, even if their pay is high. The system is corrupted and so that it is. I’ve no religion and I’m God because I create, nuture and destroy whoever, whatever I wish.”

She proclaims, dominating the table of conversation.

What confidence she has. But those eyes, were seemingly showing loneliness of a woman of an unloved life.

I stay silent, what words could have entered meaning to her?

I am not wise as yet, and it isn’t a day for combat. And I could be wrong once more.

But secretly I say to myself, this year, with a unique start, a long way to go. Or would I foolishly turn it to be a continuation of the undesirable from the past? I’ll hang on around enough till I know best.

I dance to my own rhythm and listen to my own breath.

Maybe I learn not to lament and whine over the much miseries of this land but discover a way to bring back light lost in a depraved society. In a new form, it might be.

Words that are lost, but maybe it’ll turn out fine.