I stand looking out of the window from the 26th storey.

I am high above the people on the streets; they look just like ants marching on the street. And cars, they form a long strand of disconnected metal capsules that sprawl on the highway with an almost equal distance in between. Everyone seems to be heading the same way, walking in the same direction and even the cars are more densely packed on one side of the road.

The people on the streets are chocked with official-looking neatly pressed clothes.

Everybody wishes to look their best and make a mark, whatever that means.

I stand on the 26th storey, wandering about their thoughts and lives.

How many have tears behind these well-presented façade? How many endure the drudgery of the day because of the responsibilities that they hold, their families, their kids, their parents, their spouses? Is it because of the things that they need to have or because of the wealth they wish to build?

The universe so loves to throw me around on the highs of life and plunge me down to the lowest. Especially when I am doing something for money, it never seems to work out, just like the state I am in now. I am the lowest sprawling in this office, just a mere data entry temp that earns $7.50 per hour. Yes, there is no need for secret over here. The one who is assigned tasks that nobody else wishes to do but there is nothing much that I could complain about because this is the path that I choose, for now.

I do not wish to be involved in the complications of the corporate world.

I don’t see a point in me doing my part merely for the money.

But here I am because I need a job.

Would this work out? I have to. I keep reminding myself that this is the necessary step to propel me to my next step of my dreams. Sometimes, we just have to make do with what the universe throw at us and make the best out of it. There would be obstacles, and doing something that I don’t like to get the necessary resources is just one of them.

I don’t wish to get all lofty about my dreams because there is really no need to. Somewhere, in the heart of everybody, there is a dream budding and one just needs to pay attention to realize its existence. When that happens, every step that one takes, one would feel responsible for it.

We would no longer be putting up our hands and claiming that we do not have the choice.

Here, I am responsible for choosing this job, standing at a high point of 26th storey, yet remaining low on hierarchy.

But this isn’t important, status and money aren’t as important as the feeling and perspective we have. This is a learning opportunity. One that I could learn to humble myself to be grateful of the job, one that I could humble myself to the judgment of people, one that I could humble myself to the irate by people when I make mistakes at work, one that I could humble myself to understand why some choices are deemed necessary, one that I could humble myself to just practically everything that is happening in my universe.

For when we are humble, we could really appreciate the greatness presented to us by the revelation and pursuit of our dreams.