When the term meditation comes into mind, some people will still conjure up images of people sitting in lotus position, hands in some kind of mudra, sitting motionlessly on a cushion.

Luckily, science is catching up with this ancient practice in validating the practicalities of meditation.

The benefits of meditation are that it improves awareness, mindfulness and focus. Basically the skills that you should bring over to your day to day living.

Other health benefits include lowering your blood pressure and improving your immune system. It also helps to reduce stress.¹

Nowadays, we are living in a fast paced society which honours the people with type A personalities. We are expected to produce results fast. Our workplaces are constantly coming up with ideas to improve our productivity and efficiency. All this can feel like we are heading towards a 51m waterfall.

The ninja mindfulness technique

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could access to this mindfulness as and when we are feeling a little bit of steam in our heads?

What if you can access this state of mindfulness at your workplace, or any other stressful situations quickly without people noticing?

The best part, achieving it in 30 seconds.

In my yoga teacher training program, we are taught that the breath connects the body and the mind. That is why the practice of yoga emphasizes so much on breathing.

Firstly, it enables our bodily movement to synchronize with the movements of our internal organs, lungs and diaphragm. Secondly, when we are doing the movements without the awareness of the breath, we might slip into automation during the repetition of the sequences.

When we focus on our breath, we become fully present to both the internal and physical aspect of ourselves.

With this principle in mind, our 30 second mindfulness technique will connect your body, mind and actions. I often use this technique before I start teaching classes and tackling a challenging task on hand. It makes me more grounded and ready for the incoming activity.

1. Inhale and exhale deeply and gently for the first two breaths

2. Focus on your bodily sensations.

If you feel any tension in your body, you could move it or stretch it to remove the tension. Usually, we will feel tension in our back and neck.

3. Repeat your mantra, or personal vision/quality internally.

E.g. For now I feel __ : peace, confidence or grace.

4. Inhale deeply, feeling the quality of your desired quality in your entire being.

Sometimes you might even feel some sensations along your body, just like when you imagine there is a big spider on your hand and you get a sensation along your hand.

Exhale deeply, just be there for the moment, becoming aware of your bodily presence.

5. Smile.


¹25 February 2009. Susan Kuchinskas. Meditation Heals Body and Mind. webMD.