This is to the one who chases dreams.

This is to the ones who is different. This is to the ones who has been ridiculed by others for following “stupid” dreams. This is to the one who believes in justice. This is to the one who is being chided for indulging in life’s fantasy.

This is to the one who is human and knows how a heart beats feel.

You are one but you are not alone in this world. You are not the only one to cry yourself to sleep when you remember how far away your dream is. You are not the only one to scream that nobody understands you. You are not the only one to feel confuse, we all do sometimes, it’s as if everyone wants us to believe that there is no value in protecting our dreams. But if you know your life’s purpose, you have to go down the path that is shown to you.

You have to remain true to yourself.

Even if the whole world seems to be boycotting you.

Because you are on a sacred journey and you are not alone. We might not be in your immediate social circle, but we are here, we, your fellow dream chasers, exist.

We know how it is like

We have moments of ecstasy and periods of wrought. We think that we have the best kind of life one moment but start to consider how comfortable life would be in the normal lane. If we perserve, we might emerge wise. But before that, most of the time, we are struggling to stay afloat, tear between decisions to pursue our dreams and to pay the bills. If we’re lucky, maybe we get to actually figure out what exactly is going on in our lifetime.

But even if that doesn’t happen, we’ll keep doing what we believe in.

I couldn’t guarantee you that if you practice for hours daily, you would be able to fulfill your dreams. I couldn’t promise you that everything would work out if you hang on long enough. A lot of self-help books ensure you that there is abundance in our universe and that you would attract it into your life if you do it right. This looks good on paper and sounds like a promising best seller. But do you not notice that there seems to be more and more personal development books on the rack? If people are being helped by the book, why are there still people buying these self-help book, pushing new titles up the best sellers? I do not want to feed you with delusions yet I do not hope to tarnish your dreams. But the truth is, there is no abundance in the world but competition.

And only the best would get to enjoy the pie.

But does this matter to you?

Does having a truckload of money seem more important than immersing in life? Would a day job prevent you from working towards your dream? Would you rather spend your free time watching TV than practicing? Would you look at the best and think that there is no really place for you, even if you could be the second best? If your answer is yes, then so be it. Drop your dreams and never look back. Don’t look back and regret the decisions that you made. Because you are the one who did not want to put in the effort in the first place.

But if your answer is no, then run fast. Run for your dreams fast because there are millions out there who are starting to chase after you.

And because, only the best would get the pie.

Run, and don’t look back too.

You have a long magical journey for you to experience. Run and immerse yourself in the experience. Feel every bit of sweat, breath, pain and triumph. Feel the sparks that keep your heart beating. If you trip, you have two choices to make. One is to remain on the floor while looking at the others run pass you and the other, is to climb back up. Maybe you’ll be limping initially, and maybe you would fall again. But this is just part of the process. You’ll get stronger and you’ll start running again. If you do see other people fall, maybe you’ll be kind enough to give them a hand. Then maybe they would run beside you and support you. You’ll see that you are not alone.

The world is not a battleground though it is not quite a playground.

Maybe we’ll never figure out what the world really is, seemingly malicious for day and loving for the next. But this is just the way things are, this are the things that we couldn’t control. But what we could control is how we are going to react to whatever the world throws at us, the next step is ours to make.

Maybe you’ll never make it to your dream and maybe you’ll end up in poverty. Maybe your dream becomes a reality and maybe you would become great. I’m not a fortune teller and I can’t tell you in exact how things would go. In the face of such ambiguity, would you choose to keep chasing your dream?

Would you keep your heart beating?