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28 Oct 2018

[Event] Global Tech Companies Unite to Share DevRel Best Practices in Singapore


Ignite conversations on developers wants and needs with investors, companies and communities worldwide.

17 Aug 2018

Becoming a self-taught developer (part 2): The lights go off

Technology Musings

The vicissitudes of Wing as she transit from the sports/training industry the technology industry.

05 Aug 2018

Becoming a self-taught developer (part 1): The girl called Wing

Technology Musings

In the tiny red dot, on 13 Sept 1990, an idealistic girl, called Hui Ying, was born.

29 May 2018

From zoo to web technology. Love, efficiency and everything in between


My journey from a show presenter in Singapore Zoo to a front-end web developer.

05 May 2018

Automate the start of a frontend development workflow


Reduce the time to start a frontend project by automating it through a bash script

19 Apr 2018

6 things I learn from my beginner Raspberry Pi projects


The start of a journey in dabbling and exploring the possibilities of Raspberry Pi.

08 Apr 2018

5 ways computer functions just like our human body


We have a lot in common with the machines. And this is how understanding the core concept of one could results in understanding of the other.

10 Mar 2018

5 CSS tricks to take your website to the next level


Want a website that is not cookie-cutter version of other website? Learn some CSS tricks to improve on your user interface.

13 Feb 2018

A discourse on natural selection

Musings Technology

Computing the cycle of love - For the unromantics

12 Nov 2017

Are we preparing our children for the future? 4 major takeaways from EduTECHAsia conference


The future is developing quickly. More than ever before, we need to ask ourselves if our education system will be sufficient in providing the necessary resources to ensure future success in our children.

02 Aug 2017

This blog is now on Jekyll


Shift my blog from Wordpress to Jekyll. Here is why I am never looking back.