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27 Jan 2019

How to turn your cover letter from zero to hero


Get into the first round of interview by making an incredible first impression.

18 Jan 2019

5 difficult things about being a self-taught developer


It is not just about the daily progress but more about the progress daily consistently.

01 Dec 2018

3 ways to figure how much your services are worth


Stop burn out and figure out the value you are bringing to the organisation you are working for.

21 Oct 2017

7 ways to defeat the imposter syndrome


Stop sabotaging yourself and live the life you deserve

26 Mar 2016

How weight lifting saves my life


It is the exhilaration that I feel when I lift 40kg off the floor. It’s the feeling that I got when I lift more than I did previously.

30 Aug 2015

5 reasons being mindful makes you better at work


Can mindfulness work for you? Have you ever find yourself contemplating about learning to become mindful? Or are you still on the fence, waiting for more research papers to be published and more people to practice mindfulness before considering being part of the mindful group? Or are you simply wondering...

02 Aug 2015

30 seconds ninja mindfulness technique to apply at your workplace


When the term meditation comes into mind, some people will still conjure up images of people sitting in lotus position, hands in some kind of mudra, sitting motionlessly on a cushion. Luckily, science is catching up with this ancient practice in validating the practicalities of meditation. The benefits of meditation...

05 Apr 2015

5 yoga techniques to manage your stress in 5 minutes: Part 2


Manage your stress through breathing and mindfulness techniques

24 Mar 2015

5 yoga techniques to manage your stress in 5 minutes: Part 1


Manage your stress through mindful movements

04 May 2013

The truth about dream chasers


This is to the ones who is different. This is to the ones who has been ridiculed by others for following “stupid” dreams. This is to the one who believes in justice. This is to the one who is being chided for indulging in life’s fantasy.